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Sign writing services in Mackay


Sun City Signs offers the full range of sign writing services, so you get something effective and visually appealing, no matter what type of signage you are needing. We employ all the latest technologies, ensuring no matter what materials your signage is placed on, we have the printing capabilities to handle your needs.

Types of sign writing services offered


When you get Sun City Signs to work on your mining or industrial signage, you’ll appreciate the skills the team have gained from many years of being involved in the industry. Team members are qualified to work on-site with the necessary certifications. They also understand the safety aspects and constraints of working in industrial conditions. Check out the credentials and ask around Mackay how Sun City Signs have solved signage problems for a range of specialist needs.

Laser engraving can offer a wide range of solutions for clients, including:
  • Plaques engraved onto various surfaces including glass & metal
  • Informational or instructional engraved signs for machinery or equipment on metal or plastic
  • Personal identification badges or medallions
  • Promotional items
  • Glass & crystal engraving
  • Memorial items
  • Engraved items can be for one-off production or mass-produced items

Vinyl lettering remains the most economical way to create outdoor signage. Sun City Signs know the effects of our tropical sun, so they only use materials that are highly UV and weather resistant to hold up in outdoor conditions. Skilled sign writers create your signs to ensure faithful reproduction.
Printing — Business Signage in Paget, QLD

From multiple copies of stickers to large point-of-sale posters, Sun City Signs has in-house equipment to satisfy all your needs quickly and of the highest quality. Similarly, choose the most suitable material for your posters and have them laminated if they’re going to be exposed to weather. Stickers can be printed on long-lasting UV resistant vinyl, heat seal or on simple paper stickers depending on your need.

We have a heat press machine for all your shirt designing needs. We can cut and print on heat seal material. Sun City Signs can help your designs come to life, whether it be for personal or corporate needs!

When the surface doesn’t allow for the application of vinyl lettering, Sun City Signs offers a hand-painted option. Skilled sign writers know how to deal with the most complex situations and will achieve the most effective result possible. Also, if your original signage is looking tired and needing attention, Sun City Signs can show you how it can be rejuvenated by their business sign writing professionals.

Locals recognise the impact quality vehicle signage can have for your business. When your business signage is on your vehicle, it goes with you everywhere for all to see! We offer a wide range of vehicle wrap sign writing services. Full wraps, partial wraps or vinyl logos—we can do it all! Professionally designed and applied vehicle signage is an important aspect of your organisation’s marketing. It can also have a positive impact on employee morale.

Let Sun City Signs show you how you can maximise the potential of your work vehicles.

All industries require that your plant and equipment comply with their safety regulations. Sun City Signs is highly experienced in business sign writing within the heavily regulated mining industry. Don’t take chances with your signage—know that it’s going to meet the necessary specifications, whatever you’re having produced. Trust Sun City Signs to get it right the first time.


  • Digital printing
  • Vehicle signage
  • One way vision
  • Cut-out graphics in vinyl, acrylic, metal & aluminium
  • Engraved letters, logos & Illustrations
  • Frosting & privacy film
  • Banners
  • Heat pressing
  • Illuminated signs
  • Design—supply & erection packages
  • On-site services