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Sun City Signs is a Central Queensland company based in Paget, Mackay. We specialise in manufacturing, designing and installing custom business signs for businesses in a wide range of industries.

We have been operating for more than 40 years, proudly offering quality service to tons of corporate, industrial and mining clients who have been fully satisfied with our business sign design services.

Continually growing, we are suppliers of signage, printing, banners, engraving and all other facets of the signage and branding.
Our professional and friendly service is our dedication to you. Our experienced staff have the resources to ensure your project is of the highest standard, from the initial concept and design, to the final printed product and installation of your new sign.

Recognised for working with customers to find the best solution to every need, this energetic company has helped build the presentation of hundreds of local businesses and organisations.

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We offer a full range of graphic design and branding services to help you develop your ideal logo and visual effects to go on every piece of signage we create.
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We will create the physical lettering on your business signs, whether they require vinyl adhesion, heat printing, 3D printing or hand lettering.
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We can manufacture and install the finished banners or signs, whether you need a small storefront sign or a large billboard.
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Sun City Signs has special knowledge in the mining and industrial industries, so we can offer precise and effective services to these clients.

How Custom Signage Can Grow Your Business

When you want to grow your business, signage is an essential part of that process. You use signs to bring customers into your company, and they are also a great investment as a way of promoting yourself to the wider community. One of the best ways to increase visibility and give your company a professional styling is through the use of custom business signage. Sun City Signs can explain to you exactly why this might be the perfect solution to your needs.

Showcase your business
The chief purpose of any signage for your business should be to promote your company. These signs are a part of a marketing strategy designed to boost your brand, and tell people about the business. When you have custom signage, you are more likely to engage with your customers, making them remember your name and encouraging them to visit your store when they can.

Give your brand consistency
As a business, it is important that everything you use to advertise your shop or company is in the same colours. This can range of choosing window graphics to banners for shows. They should all have the same name, colours, and designs, and you can work with Sun City Signs to get all of your signs looking identical. This is one way to impress your customers with a clear and consistent method.

Give a clear sign of quality
When you want to make it clear that your business is a high-quality, dedicated brand, custom signs are the perfect tool. They show that you have a clear message for your customers, and that you produce products that you are prepared to invest in.

Be remembered by customers
When you have effective business signs, you will be catching the eye of potential customers and making it easier for them to remember you. By having signs that are easy to recall, you are more likely to get repeat customers, recommendation and word-of-mouth reputation that will help you to drive sales.

Get Our Help With Custom Design
When you want to make sure that your business is being promoted in the right way, you need to reach out to Sun City Signs. Our custom business signage is here to help you get what you need, from clear signage to brand colours. Talk to us today about what you need using our online form or call us on 07 4952 4799 now.
Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about professional business signs:
What types of business signs are most effective?
The most effective sign marketing campaigns use a combination of signs, including road signs, storefront signage and car wrapping techniques. In many cases, the number of signs used and the types will depend on the industry.
Why is a good graphic design strategy important?
Does my business really need professional business signage?
What type of printing technique is best?
How long does it take to make custom signage?
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