Wall Sign — Business Signage in Paget, QLD

Sign manufacturing & installation in Mackay


The workshop at Sun City Signs is fully equipped with all the latest technologies for sign manufacturing to ensure your signage is produced to the highest standard.

Specialist technical capabilities include:
  • Laser engraving
  • Routing
  • Welding
  • General manufacture of all facets of signage

Your signage is a big part of how the world sees you. But many forget to keep it looking fresh and up-to-date. If this describes you, Sun City Signs offers quotes and gets it looking good again.
Underground Sign — Business Signage in Paget, QLD

Sun City Signs is fully aware of the stringent requirements for underground mine signage. If you need signage for your plant and equipment, trust Sun City Signs for you sign manufacturing to ensure you’ll have all the necessary compliances met.
Shopfront Sign — Business Signage in Paget, QLD

When you need to have your mining, industrial vehicles or plant sign written, go straight to Sun City Signs for writing and sign manufacturing services. We have site inducted personnel available for all your site work requirements.

So many materials from which to choose—so many sign configuration possibilities! Sign manufacturing can be tricky. Once you establish your store, it’s important to consider every aspect of the signage. Not only how it looks, but the visibility, what it will look like at night, how long is it going to maintain its appearance, how it will fit in your budget… this is where experts can help you avoid making mistakes. Trust Sun City Signs with this very important part of your presentation!

We will walk you through the process from initial design and branding, all the way through to sign writing and sign manufacturing services.