Being able to bring in new customers is important to every retail shop, and you need to be able to win casual viewers over quickly with powerful branding. If you are thinking about paying for new custom signs from a Mackay seller, then Sun City Signs can offer you some tips and insights about making the right impression on potential customers. 

Fonts: the bigger the better

When you are looking for business, you want new customers to be able to read your signs. Particularly, you want them to notice your name. This means that all of your signs need a big font. Studies have shown that smaller fonts on signs result in almost three quarters of potential customers turning away. It makes no sense to risk losing a customer because they don't know what you want to tell them. 

Sign Placement

When you have your brand new Sun City Signs brand sign ready to hang, you need to consider where you will be putting it. You could follow the traditional patterns for signage, which means that you need something higher than eye level (only slightly), so that customers will see it as they approach. Inside, you might place advertising at the very top of the shelving, or in the middle of a shelving stack so that customers can read them comfortably. 

Use different types of sign

You don't have to buy only one type of sign from Sun City Signs. We can help you with a number of different pieces, from outdoor signage which needs to be bright and eye-catching, to indoor signage known as 'directional signage', to tell customers where to look for things. Promotional signs, these are here to bring in your target customers. Digital signs, which are intended to appeal to a wider audience. 

Use bold copy

Keep your writing distinct and to the point. Don't bemuse your customers with obscure words, phrases or references, and keep your signs as plain and simple as you can. Never go ALL CAPS - this is considered to be shouting, and can offend customers. 

Be good with colours

Get help from the Sun City Signs team to make your signs stand out with bold colours that don't clash. We can offer you advice about this, so when you are looking for custom signs in Mackay, you should contact our team today through our online form, or by calling 07 4952 4799 now.