If you are a business owner who wants to start making more of an impact when it comes to attracting new partnerships and customer bases, then a lot can be said for perfecting your relationship with custom business signage. Having the perfect signage and advertising can really make the difference, especially if you are operating in a field that is already filled with rival businesses that are offering the same kinds of services.

If you are not someone who is instinctively creative, then the advertising side of your business might not be your strength, but don’t worry, Sun City Signs is here to help! Here are some top tips for custom signage that are sure to boost your business.

Consider Target Audience

Think about your business and the sort of demographic that you appeal to the most. There is a difference between the kind of signage aimed at teens, to adults, to the elderly. There are font styles and colour schemes that are specific to attracting the attention of these different age groups, and it is important that you select the most appropriate options for your clientele.

Strong Logo

It really is all about getting that branding spot on, and the cornerstone of branding is having a strong logo that people are going to recognise and remember. If your field is crowded, it can be difficult to come up with something that hasn’t already been exhausted, but it is really worth taking the time to design something that is going to make your signage stand out from the crowd.


Once you have a strong set of signs, the next big thing to think about is where you are actually going to place them. You want to make sure everything is placed in spots that are easily visible and accessible to the eyes, so too high up or too low down isn’t going to be ideal. It’s all about finding that perfect line of sight.

Get In Touch

So, if you are interested in investing in some custom business signage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Sun City Signs. You will find much of what you are looking for on our website, but please feel free to contact one of our trained and experienced team members for further clarification if you have any unanswered questions. We look forward to being able to help you improve your business!